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PFA Brochure

The duty of care to past, currently and future members is the foundation stone on which the PFA is built. This is why the potential threat to players from neurological problems later in life, such as dementia, has been on the union's agenda for the last 20 years. This...

Flipping a Property

In simple terms, ‘flipping’ a property is purchasing a property at a set price, and selling it on at a higher price than you paid for it (normally within a relatively short time period).  Some people refer to it as ‘buy-to-sell’. How do I achieve ‘the flip’ As you...

Ready Made Deals – Are you an Armchair Investor?

Are you an armchair Investor? Here at REIP UK Ltd we can offer you the complete property deal, all packaged up and ready to go!  Read on and find out more... What we do: Source the deal (area specific if required) Negotiate a deal with the seller on your behalf...


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